Would your family delight in a lifetime of joyful memories? Would you welcome unconditional love and adoration into your home? Then join author Mary Salzman through this touching story that follows Ginger’s journey from that of Ginger the homeless cat to that of Ginger the Happy Cat.

Having adopted her first pet from a local shelter at the age of five, Mary Salzman has been a life-long proponent of animal shelter and rescue adoptions. When not writing or helping to place a homeless pet with a family, Mary works in the corporate world as an Organizational Manager for a robotic engineering firm. Mary shares her life and her Pennsylvania home with her husband and their four rescued cats – Manny, Boots, Dora and Peanut.

Ginger the Happy Cat is Mary’s initial publication and will be the first in a series of stories intended to draw attention to the importance of rescuing and adopting homeless animals.
Ginger The Happy CatGinger was adopted in 1983 and at that time was two years old. Mary has her original adoption papers, although the words have faded through the years and are now difficult to read. Ginger was with Mary for 20 years, making her 22 years old on her last birthday.